What is the capital of Bangladesh

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Dhaka City

Dhaka is a large Asian city located in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, and its administrative capital has been represented since 1971, in addition to being the industrial, commercial, and agricultural center of the country; it includes many agricultural areas, including jute plantations, which are considered the largest in The world, and the city also contains factories dedicated to the production of textiles, chemicals, glass, and printing presses.

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Dhaka is located in the Republic of Bangladesh, one of the countries of the southern part of the Asian continent, specifically in the south-central corner of the country, in the area north of the Buriganga River, and it sits on a land about 23 meters above sea level, but astronomically, Dhaka city is located on longitude (90.41) and latitude (23.71).

A brief history of Dhaka

The city of Dhaka began to appear on the façade of the cities since the seventeenth century AD, when the Mongols took them as their capital in the province of Bengal during the period between (1660-1704 AD), and it was an important commercial center in the region, except that the transfer of the capital to the city of Murshidabad, and retreated Some industries led to the decline in the status of Dhaka, and the loss of its importance as a prosperous city, and in 1765 AD the city came under the control of the British until the beginning of the twentieth century, then it became the capital of the province of Bengal, then the capital of Bangladesh after the country gained its independence.

The most important landmarks of the city of Dhaka

Dhaka city includes many places and wonderful landmarks, and the following are mentioned for their most important:

  • Buriganga River: It is considered one of the most important natural monuments in the city, and the lifeline of it, and it runs in the middle of the old part of Dhaka.
  • Shankaria Market: It is a lively, vibrant market that houses many old houses and shops.
  • the National Museum: It is a museum that contains within it a number of Hindu and Buddhist objects, and it is considered one of the most important museums of the country.
  • The Pink Palace: It is an archeological and historical building built in 1872 AD, and it is distinguished for its magnificent architecture.
  • Botanical gardens: They are picturesque natural areas that contain a large number of species of plants and birds.


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