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The city of Minsk

Minsk is a European city located in the Republic of Belarus, or Belarus, and the national administrative capital of the country since the year one thousand nine hundred and nineteen, and the administrative center of the Minsk Oblast, is in addition to being the hub of industry, economy, education, and trade And transportation, it includes many railways that link a number of surrounding cities, and there are many factories, and factories dedicated to the production of machinery, electrical devices, food, and textiles, in addition to The presence of several universities, educational academies, libraries, theaters, printing centers, and others.

The city of Minsk and its population

The city of Minsk is located in the Republic of Belarus located in the eastern part of the European continent, and it is located specifically on the slopes of the Minsk hills in the region that is crossed by the Svisslakh rivers, and its sleepers, and it also sits on a plateau with a height of 222 meters from the level of the sea level thousand The city of Minsk is located on longitude (27.57), and the latitude (53.90), and is inhabited by about 1,742,124 people.

Minsk city climate

Minsk has its location, its surface features and a generally moderate climate. Moderate weather prevails during the summer, the general average temperature reaches 17 ° C, and the weather tends to cool during the winter temperature, so that the temperature is 6 ° C, Wind is coming from the Atlantic ocean all year round.

About the history of the city of Minsk

The city of Minsk was mentioned in the historical records for the first time in the year 1067 AD, and at that time it was part of the Emirate of Polotsk, then the capital of the Principality of Minsk in the year 1101 AD, and joined in the year 1326 AD to the state of Lithuania, then to Poland in the year 1569 AD, and the industrial sector began to grow, In the seventies of the nineteenth century, Minsk became an important center for attracting the population, and with the passage of time the city began to flourish, and development until it became one of the most important centers of the country.


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