What is the capital of Britain

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London city

London is considered the capital of the United Kingdom, and is classified among the oldest great cities in the world, with a history spanning nearly two thousand years, and it is the largest city in Britain, due to it being the economic center of the country, in addition to its distinguished position in the field of transportation and culture, and this city is located in The southeastern part of England is located on the banks of the Thames, about 80 km from its estuary on the North Sea.

London weather

The city of London is witnessing a pleasant and warm weather in the summer, with temperatures ranging from 18-30 degrees Celsius, and is characterized by its summer evenings that extend to night time, and it represents a wonderful time to explore the city; the moderate weather is wonderful for walking, while the temperatures decrease in the spring and autumn , And the weather is colder, with temperatures ranging from 11-15 degrees Celsius, but for the winter it is very cold, and it can witness snowfall, as its temperatures may reach 2-6 degrees Celsius, and temperatures drop at night to less than Zero, and August and November are marked by heavy rain Countries.

Some information about London

Some of the information related to the British capital is the following:

  • London is not only important as the capital; it is the largest city in the United Kingdom in terms of population, as it contains a diverse population, and has a population of approximately 7.2 million.
  • It is considered one of the world’s leading cities in many fields, including: art, education, entertainment, financial resources, trade and media.
  • It is the largest financial center in the world, as it is one of the five largest capitals in terms of GDP in the world.
  • London is a leading tourist destination. In 2015, it was ranked as the most visited city in the world.
  • London has more than 300 different languages ​​due to its diverse population.
  • London covers an area of ​​1,572 square kilometers.
  • The summer months represent the ideal time to visit the city; from May to July, when the weather is moderate, and daylight hours can be used for sightseeing, and enjoy their attractive places.

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