What is the capital of Bulgaria

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Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria

Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria, and it is the main industrial and commercial center in it. It is famous for engineering, metal and leather products, food and chemical products, textiles, rubber, furniture and shoes. Astronomically it is located at 42.70 latitude, 23.32 longitude, and 562 meters above sea level With a population of about 115,2556 people, it is the largest city in Bulgaria.

History of Sofia

The Serdi tribe established a settlement in the area of ​​Sofia in the eighth century BC, and in 342 or 343 it was an important site for holding meetings of Christian bishops, as it was destroyed in 447 AD, and was rebuilt by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I, and was called “Triaditsa” by the Byzantines And during (809 AD – 1018 AD) it formed part of the first Bulgarian kingdom, and returned to Byzantine rule in the period between the years 1018 AD and 1186 AD, and in 1376 AD it was called the Sofia title, and it became the capital of independent Bulgaria in the year 1879 AD, as the Russian forces seized it in 1944 AD. .

Landmarks of the city of Sofia

The city of Sofia includes many educational and cultural facilities such as the university that was founded in 1889 AD, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and the University of Sofia is the oldest institution of higher education in Bulgaria. It also contains many ancient churches such as St. George’s Church, St. Sofia, and mosques such as Bunia Bashi Mosque which was built in 1474 AD, Jewish temples, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Parliament Building, State Opera House, the former royal palace, the Ivan Vazov National Theater), the astronomical observatory, and a number of museums.

City climate

The climate of Sofia is characterized by being humid continental, with an average annual temperature of about 10.1 ° C, and winter is cold and snowy, and the temperature may drop to less than -15 ° C, especially in January, and its mild hot summer, however, may be exposed to waves A temperature of 35 degrees Celsius, especially in July and August.


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