What is the capital of Canada

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Ottawa is the capital of Canada

Ottawa, the capital of Canada, is located in the province of Ontario, on the southern side, relative to the Ottawa River, which is located in the southeast of the province. It is located at the confluence of the three rivers: the Ottawa River, the Gatineau River, and the Quebec River. In terms of population density, in addition, the federal government is currently the largest operator in Ottawa; it is therefore the seat of many governmental organizations including the Prime Minister’s headquarters, the Supreme Court, Parliament Hill and its library.
Ottawa is internationally recognized for its exhibitions, museums, and art festivals, in addition to the waterway in it called the Rideau Canal, which is the largest natural ice rink in the winter. Ottawa is also a technologically advanced center, and the city is proud of its scientists, engineers and doctorates It contains more than other Canadian cities.

History of the city of Ottawa

In 1826, Ottawa was a gathering area for soldiers to build the Rideau Canal. After that, the small town grew within a year, and it was named (Bytown) after the chief engineer of the rivers built the canal. The timber trade contributed to the development of the city, and it is recalled that the city united with It changed its name to Ottawa in 1855 AD, and that Queen Victoria had chosen Ottawa as the capital of the province of Canada in 1857 AD, while Ottawa was designated as the official capital of Canada in 1867 AD under the British North American Law (BNA Act). The UK Parliament passed In the year 1867 AD, according to which 3 British colonies were united in one settlement under the name of the state of Canada, and these colonies are Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.

Attractive Ottawa regions

There are many attractions in Ottawa, including:

  • Rideau Channel: It is a waterway that extends from the Kingston area on Lake Ontario to Ottawa with a length of about 202 km, surrounded by a series of rivers and lakes connected through the canals, and this channel was built in 1832 AD, and it is considered one of the oldest major landmarks in Ottawa, where a wide range of boats and boats ski in. During the summer, as people rush into winter to form the longest ice rink in the world.
  • Parliament Hill: Parliament Hill is located in the center of Ottawa, and is considered one of the most important Canadian heritage sites, where daily trips are available around its buildings. The renovated Gothic building houses the offices of members of Parliament, the Senate, and the public. From looking at the restored Fathers ’offices.
  • Canadian Museum of Civilization: Architect Douglas Cardinal designed this impressive museum, and it is the most popular museums of the country, with its exhibits telling Canadian history, and the museum is the seat of the Canadian Postal Museum and the Canadian Children’s Museum.

General information about Ottawa

There is some general information about Ottawa:

  • Ottawa has an area of ​​approximately 2778.13 km².
  • In 2011 Ottawa had a population of about 883,391 people.
  • English and French are the country’s two official languages.
  • It is located in Ottawa International Airport.

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