What is the capital of Cape Verde

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The city of Praia

The small African city of Praia is located in the Republic of Cape Verde, and its administrative and national capital has been represented since the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy. The capital has been moved from the city of Ribera Grande, and Praia is also considered the main headquarters of the municipality of Praia, the economic center It accounts for 39% of the gross domestic product, in addition to being an important tourist center, as it attracts large numbers of tourists, and visitors from different parts of the world.

Praia City location

The city of Praia is located in the Republic of Cape Verde, specifically in the area overlooking the southern coast of the Gulf of Santiago, located in the Atlantic Ocean, as it is located 640 kilometers (400 miles) from the bump of West Africa, and it occupies within its borders a geographical area of ​​258 km², either from an area of ​​thousand The city of Praia lies on the longitude (30 ″ 30 ′ 23 °) towards the west, and the latitude (15 ″ 55 ′ 14 °) towards the north.

Praia City climate

The city of Praia has a moderate desert climate due to its location, as dry conditions prevail for a long period during the year, followed by a wet season that extends for a short period, and the average temperature during the year ranges between (23-27) degrees Celsius, and August falls between August / mm And October, and it stops completely between February and June. Regardless of rain, the patterns of temperatures in Praia are somewhat similar to those of the tropical climate.

The most important landmarks of the city of Praia

The city of Praia includes many places, and attractive tourist attractions, and wonderful, and the following is a reminder of the most important:

  • old City: It is characterized by the presence of narrow streets, traditional shops, the Parliament Building, the Nossa Senora de Graça Church, and the old town fort, as well as the houses of exquisitely designed, dating back to the colonial period.
  • Piranha Beach: It is a picturesque beach that gives visitors the opportunity to relax, enjoy the wonderful atmosphere, and practice water activities.
  • Ethnographic Museum: This museum contains many works, and wonderful pieces.


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