What is the capital of Central Africa

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The city of Bangui

The city of Bangui (English: Bangui) is the capital of the Central African Republic (English: The Central African Republic), and it is the commercial and administrative center in it. This city is considered the seat of the national government in the Central African Republic. It includes government offices, ministries and administrative bodies, And other important official institutions in the Central African Republic.

About Bangui

Here is some general information about Bangui, the capital of Central Africa:

Geographical and astronomical location

The capital, Bangui, is located geographically in the Central African Republic, on the western coast of the Obangi River that connects it with the Republic of the Congo. Astronomically, it is located on the longitude (18.35) east of the Greenwich line, and on the latitude (4.22) north of the equator.


The capital, Bangui, is the largest city in the Central African Republic in terms of population, with a population of approximately 734,000, according to studies and estimates conducted by the relevant international organizations of the United Nations.

the climate

The climate of the capital, Bangui, is characterized by a tropical climate. This city is located almost on the equator. Therefore, its climate is hot and humid throughout the year, and it is characterized by monsoon rains, which made it subject to a lot of floods, which means that the best time to visit this city It is the period between December and February, when temperatures are cooler, and humidity has a lower rate.

Historical overview

Although some archaeological sites were found in the city of Bangui, which dates back to the Iron Age, its establishment was by the French in 1889, when they took it as a French colony, knowing that it was chosen at the time to be the headquarters of the French colonial administration, and when the Central African Republic gained independence From French colonial rule, Bangui officially became the capital of the Central African Republic, in the year 1960 AD. It is worth noting that the frequent political struggle in this city throughout history, which continues until now, makes Bangui a home to extreme rebellion and destruction, thus becoming one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

Industry and export

Bangui is famous for making soap and fermenting, as well as being a leading city in exporting cotton, diamonds, coffee, wood, sisal, and more.


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