What is the capital of Chile?

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The capital of the Chilean state

Santiago is the seat of government administrative bodies, and the judiciary is in the country of Chile; hence it is the official capital therein, and Valparaiso is the legislative capital of Chile, as it is the center of the legislative body and the time of the legislative adoption For two capitals to the end of the era of President Augusto Pinochet (English: Augusto Pinochet) which many describe as a dictator.

It should be noted that although the city of Santiago is the official government capital of Chile, and it is the oldest capital in it, it was decided recently and near the end of the Pinochet regime in the year ninety-ninety-nine the transfer of the Chilean Congress building from the city of Santiago to the city of Valparaiso; As an attempt to extinguish the anger, the protests of the Chilean people against that system, and a last attempt to keep Pinochet in power, and from that time on the city of Valparaiso was considered the second capital of Chile.

The city of Santiago

The city of Santiago is considered the capital of the country since the year one thousand eight hundred and eighteen, and it is located on the banks of the Mapocho River (in English: Mapocho River) on the side overlooking the peaks of the high Andes mountains and from the east to the east, The Spanish Pedro de Valdivia, knowing that it was previously known as Santiago del Nuevo Extremo.
This city is now the industrial, commercial and financial center in Chile, as it includes many of the major economic institutions that attract many investments to it, noting that the most prominent industrial products in it are the food, shoes, clothes, and textiles, in addition to the mining sector, in addition to the mining sector To the active financial sector in the city, which includes the big banks with many branches, the stock exchange, and insurance companies as well. The city also makes a network of railways and tunnels.
It is worth noting that the National Archives is located in Santiago, the capital, in addition to a number of archaeological museums, and libraries, with the development of the university education sector. The city also includes many recreational areas, such as: public parks in Santa Lucia Hill, San Cristobal, in addition to zoos, Playgrounds, sports clubs, and resorts are located along the coast.

The city of Valparaiso

Valparaiso is a coastal city located about forty-four kilometers away on the western side of the city of Santiago, which is the legislative capital in Chile, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, as the Chilean Congress consisting of two chambers meets: In addition to the Senate, whose election cycle lasts for eight years.


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