What is the capital of Colombia

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State of Colombia

The reason for calling it this name is due to its Italian discoverer Christopher Columbus, and it was considered as a republic in the year 1886 AD, and the system of government in it became a republic elected by the people, and the majority of the population of the state are the indigenous population, a country located in the northwest of the continent of South America, and bordered to the north by the Caribbean And from the east are the states of Venezuela and Brazil, and from the south Peru and Ecuador, and from the west the Pacific Ocean, and due to its geographical location and archaeological finds dating back to before 20 thousand AD Colombia has become one of the most important and third most powerful economies among South American countries.

The capital of Colombia

Bogota is the capital of the State of Colombia and the Cundinamarca Province is located, and it is the largest province in it, and it is the most elevated city, and its height ranges around 2640 m from the sea, and is located on the Andes Mountains in central Colombia, making it the third highest capital in the world after La Paz (capital of Bolivia) , And Quito (the capital of Ecuador).

With a population of 7.9 million, its area is the largest Colombian city, with an area of ​​1587 sq km, and it is also the main center of the Colombian and political economy of the country.

The towering mountains that surround the city of Bogotá give it a natural and attractive background with the spectacular view of the person who visits it. In the highlands there are
Monserrat Summit, a mountain where visitors come to see the stunning view of the entire city, and in the city center there are historical buildings that stand beside other modern buildings such as: offices and hotels, which gives the city a historical view, and there are main buildings such as: the Capitol Building (Parliament Building), and the Presidential Palace , And many museums rich in Colombian history, and the most famous of these museums is the Gold Museum, which contains many holdings of treasures of gold and carved by the Indians with their hands hundreds of years ago.

Among the most famous industries in the city of Bogota are cement, chemical materials, food products, spinning and weaving.

Transportation in Bogota

The population of this city is 7.9 million, and this gives the Colombian government an obstacle to solve the problem of the crisis in the city, and it is one of the problems of the city that it suffers from. These problems have been solved to build the infrastructure of cars, and they have established the Trans Millennial system (rapid transport system) It is the rapid transportation of buses, and it was built to cover the problems on the train and subway networks to solve the problem of the crisis in the streets, which made this city the coolest and most beautiful city after it was suffering from the population and transportation crisis.

Buildings in Bogota

There are newly built high-rise buildings that stand in the city, which gives a civilized image of the city and a new culture next to the old culture, so it becomes a civilized and historical city at the same time, and there is an area in Bogota known as Barrios, a place where the poor live, and this region is considered one of the busy neighborhoods and buildings do not spread Modern and structural development, while the rest of the city lives in the rich and own luxurious and luxurious homes, and there is also the middle class in which they live in comfortable places.


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