What is the capital of Costa Rica

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San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica

San José (Spanish: San José) is considered the capital of Costa Rica and its largest city, and this city is located in a wide area, and is characterized by its fertile soil, where it rises above sea level by about 1160 meters, and San Jose has developed into a tobacco center in the period when it was under the control of the Spanish In the 1840’s, it became one of the major cities for coffee production, as Costa Rica’s income mainly depended on coffee production throughout the nineteenth century, and in the twentieth century it developed rapidly, becoming the economic, political, and social center of the city, and established Many facilities Where industrial, especially after 1950.

Population of San Jose

The city of San Jose is one of the most crowded cities in the State of Costa Rica, with a population of approximately 333,288 people in 2015, an area of ​​about 44.2 square kilometers, and is characterized by its tropical wet and dry climate, and is the center of many ministries and national government bodies, and a place The meetings of the National Congress in Costa Rica, and a place to attract manpower, in addition to that it is one of the safe areas that are highly frequented by tourists, where there are museums and theaters, large green spaces, recreational, commercial, and marketing places.

Facts about San Jose

The city of San Jose is distinguished by several things, including:

  • Education in the city of San Jose is characterized by its quality and high levels, as its universities have a higher educational level than other universities in Central America, in addition to that it includes fifty private universities.
  • The National Theater of Costa Rica, the Metropolitan Church, the National Market, and the Correos de Costa Rica building are among the highlights of the capital, San Jose.
  • San Jose was ranked No. 94 in the world in terms of high cost of living, as it is located among 110 cities characterized by very high cost of living.
  • The capital, San Jose, is characterized by high population density, with an average population density of about 95 per square kilometer compared to the total population density of Central America.
  • San Jose is a strategic location for transportation, as it is located on highways that connect the coasts of the Pacific and the Atlantic.
  • There are some historic buildings in San Jose, and in the city center there are several distinct arenas in which democratic, cultural and social traditions are celebrated, as well as many golden industries and many cultural centers.


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