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Croatia, or in English Croatia is a country located in the southeastern side of the continent of Europe, and the geographical region in which it is located is the Balkan Peninsula, and Croatia is located in relation to this region in the northwestern side. Croatia overlooks the Adriatic Sea that connects to the Mediterranean Sea, as it has long coasts on this sea, it occupies a part of its eastern coast, and the coasts occupied by Croatia on the Adriatic Sea are longer than the coasts occupied by other countries in the Balkan Peninsula, which overlooks This sea. Croatia has many islands and archipelagos in the Adriatic.

The capital of Croatia

The capital of Croatia is the city of Zagreb, and it is called in English Zagreb, and the name of this city is written in the Croatian language as it is written in the English language, and the way to pronounce this name in the Croatian language is similar to the way it is pronounced in English and in Arabic. The city of Zagreb is located in the northern side of Croatia, and belongs to the province of Zagreb, where it is the capital of this province, and the largest city in it. New that was agreed upon in 1992.

Zagreb is the central political and economic capital of Croatia, as government institutions and economic establishments are located there. The climate in Zagreb is warm in the summer, and cold in the winter, the average temperature in the winter is 0.5 – and the average temperature in the summer 22 degrees.

The rivers are in fluff

Zagreb is crossed by a river called Sava River, or in English, as it crosses the southern side of the city. The Sava River leaves Slovenia, passes through Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and flows into the Danube River in Serbia, where the Sava River is one of the tributaries of the Danube River.

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Zagreb covers an area of ​​641 square kilometers, or 247 square miles. The average height above the sea is 158 meters. The city of Zagreb is the largest city in Croatia in terms of population, as its population is almost 800 thousand people, as its population in particular according to the official Croatian statistics that took place in 2011 reached 795,505 people, and this number constitutes approximately 18.5% of the total population of Croatia, Which is 4,284,889 people according to the statistics of 2011. With regard to population density in the city of Zagreb, it is the largest city in Croatia in terms of population density, with a population density of approximately 1241 people per square kilometer.

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