What is the capital of Denmark

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Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, and the largest city in Denmark, in addition to being one of the most important cities in it, and its residents have been classified as the happiest inhabitants of the world, and this city is characterized by cultural diversity, as a result of the migration of many people from all parts of the world to it, And their choice to live in it, which comes in third after London and Paris as the best economic center for merchandise marketing, and a center of general leadership by regional organizations. Copenhagen was founded in the tenth century as a fishing village by the Vikings, and its importance increased after several centuries.

Economy in Copenhagen

The city of Copenhagen is the headquarters of the largest freight company in the world, as there are two headquarters for the largest pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies among the 50 companies in the world, and according to Mercer in its report on quality of life for the year 2016 AD was ranked ninth in terms of quality of life, where this survey compares The annual is among 230 countries from all over the world, based on 39 factors which include among them: economy, environment, politics, health, education, personal safety, transportation and other public services.

The role of modern Copenhagen

Copenhagen continued to evolve and grow significantly during the second half of the twentieth century, and it is considered the administrative and political capital of the State of Denmark, as it has great importance in other areas such as its role in education, transport, tourism, trade, and residence, and it has one of the largest financial centers in Europe, and it also includes many universities, such as the University of Copenhagen, the Danish Academy of Fine Arts, the Technical University in Denmark, and Copenhagen business schools which are among the best educational centers in the city.
Copenhagen is a major tourist destination that attracts many tourists from all over the world, because it contains distinguished tourist areas such as the Danish National Museum, Fredericksburg Palace, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, the Danish Royal Theater, Tivoli Gardens and Copenhagen Zoo.

Facts about Copenhagen

Some facts related to the capital, Copenhagen:

  • Copenhagen has an area of ​​about 86.20 square kilometers.
  • The population of Copenhagen, according to 2015 estimates, reached 583,348 people.
  • Danish is the city’s official language.
  • It is located at Copenhagen Airport.
  • Sweden and Germany are close countries.
  • The Danish krone is the currency used.
  • Rosenborg Castle is a popular tourist attraction as well as a Mermaid Statue, Frederick Church and Church of the Savior.


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