What is the capital of Denmark

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Denmark is a country in Northern Europe. We hear a lot about this country that was once hostile to Islam in a strange and big way. Denmark is in Scandinavia located in the north of the continent of Europe, which is located in the south of Norway, southwestern Sweden, as it is bordered to the south by the State of Germany, bordered to the north by the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, and Denmark is a large peninsula. The country’s system of government is constitutional, parliamentary, and the country’s official language is Danish, which is closely related to the Norwegian and Swedish languages ​​as well, and it is classified as the first country in the world in terms of the happiness of its inhabitants in the globe. The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, is what will be the focus of our discussion in this article.

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark

Copenhagen is the capital of the Danish state, and it is the most densely populated city in Denmark, with a population of approximately one million people with its suburbs. It is also the first economic, political and cultural center in the country as any capital of the world. The Vikings were originally established as a village for fishermen because the main port of the country existed in this place, and then the city became the capital in the fifteenth century AD. The name of the capital, Copenhagen, is derived from this main port in the country, which means the port of merchants.

Geography of Copenhagen

The capital is made up of two close islands, connecting bridges between the two sections of the city, and there are a lot of large commercial companies, luxury hotels, parks, and amusement parks, and there is the King’s Market Square, and among the most important landmarks is the Christianburg Castle, and the Princeton Palace, which contains the National Museum of the country, And the royal palace, and this palace was built in the eighteenth century AD, and there is in the capital the Royal Library, which is a huge library containing more than six hundred thousand manuscripts.

Copenhagen Landmarks

Among the most important tourist landmarks of the country are the Tivoli Gardens, which have many types of entertainment such as horse riding, ballet, and music, and there is also a statue of the famous little fairy who has become a symbol of the country and a tourist landmark that attracts many tourists. In addition to the University of Copenhagen and the Museum of Kalzburg.

The Copenhagen label

Copenhagen is called the Danish capital, Paris of the North, due to the beauty of its nature and the beauty of its construction and development, as it is a coastal city with many beautiful beaches, and an internal port in which to swim, as the city is characterized by the development of transportation and ease of movement, and also there are special paths for bicyclists This helped it to be the first capital in the world as it was free from harmful carbon emissions in the environment.


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