What is the capital of Djibouti

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One of the Arab countries that are located in the continent of Africa and characterized by its small area is the Arab country of Djibouti, where Djibouti is located on the eastern side of the African coast in a region called the Horn of Africa, it supervises the Strait of Bab Al-Mandab, the distance separating it from the Yemeni coast in Aden is estimated at a distance of twenty kilometers From the southern side of Djibouti, it shares its borders with Somalia, from the west with Ethiopia, from the north with Eritrea, and from the east it overlooks the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.

The area of ​​Djibouti

The area of ​​the state of Djibouti is an estimated twenty-three thousand square kilometers, i.e. a small area. Therefore, most of the country’s area includes the capital, Djibouti, which is the most famous city in the country, and specifically this capital is located east of the Gulf of Tajoura. In Djibouti, the population embraces the Islamic religion, but there is a mixture of different nationalities that migrated to Djibouti as a result of displacement from wars. Most of these minorities are from Somalia and Ethiopia. Fish, boat rides and water boats. Djibouti is a beautiful city that was coveted by the French colonialism in the past. Therefore, architecture in the city is famous for its lavish French character. Schools embrace the teaching of the French language in its schools until now, almost the language they speak. For residents it is the French language.

The capital of Djibouti

What distinguishes the capital, Djibouti, contains a third of the population of the state and is estimated to number approximately six hundred and four thousand people. But over time a truce of reconciliation was concluded between the two tribes.

Landmarks in the capital of Djibouti

We mentioned that the capital of Djibouti is a beautiful coastal city, as it includes an important international port and is the largest port in East Africa and is called the port of Djibouti. One of the most famous areas in the capital is the Zaglo region, which is famous for its many palm trees, as it is a suitable place for deer and elk to live in. It is located in the capital, Djibouti, the Presidential Palace and the Grand Mosque.

Geography of the capital of Djibouti

We recall that the capital, Djibouti, is located within the African groove area, so we note on the topography of the capital that it is diverse and includes plains, forests, high mountains, deep valleys, and green marine beaches, as it is also an area that is not free from its exposure to earthquakes and earthquakes, most of the tremors are light that the population does not feel except for certain periods.


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