What is the capital of East Timor

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Dili is a small Asian city located in the Republic of East Timor, and its administrative and national capital is represented, in addition to that it is the seat of government, the political and commercial center of the country; it includes most commercial activities, and has one of the most important airports in the Republic, and many Governmental national offices, and impressive attractions.

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Dili is located in the Republic of East Timor, specifically in the part overlooking the north coast of the country, between the central mountains and the Strait of Ambae, and in the far corner of the east of the Lesser Sundas Island, and it occupies a geographical area of ​​48.26 square kilometers, while it sits on a land that rises towards 12 meters above sea level. Astronomically, the city of Dili lies on the longitude (125.57) and the latitude (-8.56).

A brief history of the city of Dili

Throughout its long history, the city of Dili witnessed the existence of many kingdoms and the countries that settled or ruled it; the Portuguese inhabited it in 1520 AD, and in their reign they became an important administrative center, which prompted the major European powers to compete for city rule, such as: British power, Spanish, And the Dutch, then fell under the control of the Japanese during World War II, and was invaded by the Indonesian forces in the year 1975 AD, and the country sought to achieve complete sovereignty over its territory, which was achieved in 2002 AD, knowing that the Daily was designated as the country’s capital at the time.

The most important features of the city of Dili

The city of Dili includes many landmarks and wonderful tourist places, and the following are mentioned for their most important:

  • Resistance Museum: Founded in 2005 AD, this museum contains many works, photos and videos that show the history of the resistance and the country’s struggle against the occupation.
  • Santa Cruz Cemetery: It is a cemetery, and a burial site that includes a number of graves for national figures who fought against the occupation, among them Sebastiao Gómez, who was assassinated in 1991.
  • Sea front: It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the city of Dili, as it gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere, stunning views of the beach and the sea.
  • Al-Mutail Church: It is an ancient Catholic church that is considered the oldest of its kind in the country.


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