What is the capital of England

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London is the capital of England

London is the capital of the country of England, the United Kingdom or what is called Britain, and at the same time it is the largest city in the country in terms of the economic and cultural status of the country, and the center of transportation as well, in addition to its global footprint, as its lifespan extends for more than two thousand years, and it is possible He mentioned that London is one of the most global cities to receive visitors from around the world; it is possible to find more than 300 languages ​​that can be spoken in the city, and economically, London is considered one of the five most urban global cities based on gross domestic product, and the largest time G global financial and investment destination with the largest proportion of billionaires and economic projects in the world.

Geography of London

Some of the geographical facts about the capital London can be mentioned as follows:

  • London has a geographical area of ​​about 1582.5 square kilometers.
  • With a population of about 10.66 million, according to the United Nations’ population census conducted in 2020.
  • The River Thames cuts London from the southeast to the eastern part.
  • The climate of London is distinguished by its mild ocean, and although it is considered a rainy city, it is experiencing a low rainfall compared to New York and Rome.
  • London is characterized by cold, cloudy and extremely humid, while enjoying a moderate and warm summer, with temperatures ranging from 16.1 ° C in the winter to 38.1 ° C in the summer.

London attractions


This tourist attraction consists of huge stones built in a circular shape in the English countryside, and despite the ambiguity of the target behind this building, it constitutes one of the most attractive landmarks for tourists in the world, and receives approximately 1.3 million tourists annually who stand enjoying and admiring this 3500-year-old structure And, according to its ancient history and its tourist importance, it is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

London Tower

The Tower of London was built in 1066 AD by William the Conqueror, and is a historical landmark witnessing the dark ages of England, as it was a queen prison, an execution site, a royal observatory, a royal minting house, and a military warehouse as well, thus witnessing horrific executions, in addition to Many royal prisoners convicted of heinous crimes.


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