What is the capital of Ethiopia

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The name Australia is taken from the Latin word australis And its southern meaning. Australia is an island and a group of islands in the ocean, but it is a continent because of its huge size and vast area that extends to 8 million km2. Australia is the continent discovered in the 16th century when European missions began to move further in the discovery to search for new countries and expand their control, control and trade. The Dutch discovered them in 1606 AD and they were quickly expelled in The soul today is from the fierce indigenous population without expanding on the continent and moving around it, then the Dutch returned again under the leadership of Captain Tasman in 1642 AD, large parts of them were discovered and New Zealand was discovered, and in 1770 the British discovered the eastern eastern coast Tralah after a period of time was the establishment of the first British colony on the continent, which is the city of Sydney, the current capital, then the flow of settlers to the continent even announced that it Nizqh called the Commonwealth of Australia’s British throne by royal decree announced by Queen Victoria in 1900.

Australian population

There were many accounts of the indigenous people of Australia and in a scientific account it is said that the population of a black race called Tasmanians moved from New Guinea to Australia about 20 thousand years ago and settled in it. Then Alasnirweed came from southern India and settled there and considered the first settlers in the continent.


Sydney is the capital of Australia and is the largest and oldest city on the continent and in the current state of Australia, located in the state of New South Wales and its population in the most recent statistics is approximately 4 and a half million people, so it is considered the largest city on the continent and the country in relation to the population is located between huge terrain bounded east by the ocean Al-Hadi and to the west is bordered by the blue al-Jaba’a and contains a very large port that controls the state’s trade and the continent is called the Port of Jackson, along with more than 75 ports and a commercial and tourist beach.

Sydney Economy

Beside its Iraq, Sydney is considered the largest economic, cultural and touristic commercial center in Australia, so inside the city there are many commercial, tourism, media, health, services and real estate sectors, along with the great diversity in races and cultures that attract immigrants from all parts of the world. 21 Worldwide In terms of the high cost of living according to official international and local reports, Sydney universities are world famous such as the University of Macquarie and the University of New South Wales and the University of Sydney and the University of Western Sydney and the University of Technology. The city has hosted the most important sporting event at the level of different sports, which is the Olympic Games in 2000.


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