What is the capital of Gabon?

المسافرون العرب


Libreville is the capital of Gabon, and the official port in it. It is also classified as the most populous urban city, according to the statistics of its population for the year 2020 AD, around 578,156 people; that is, nearly half of the total population of Gabon has been designated as the city of Gabon. Gabon’s official capital (English: Gabon) in 1960 AD, when it gained independence from French colonialism, and since then, the city has witnessed rapid growth until now it is the official seat of government in Gabon; it contains the most important government buildings and official institutions, Such as the Palace of Lyon Maba in which the national parliament meets for Gabon.

The geographical and astronomical location of the city of Libreville

The capital Libreville is located geographically in the northwestern part of Gabon, on the bank of the Como River, near the Gulf of Guinea, specifically in the northern corner of the mouth of Gabon along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. As for astronomer, it is located in latitude (0.41) and longitude (9.46). It is noteworthy that the capital Libreville is administratively affiliated to Estuaire Province (English: Estuaire).

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Climate of Libreville

The climate of the capital, Libreville, is characterized by being warm and sunny at most times of the year. It is a city that does not receive rain except in about eighty days of the year, according to meteorological statistics, and it usually witnesses a rise in humidity, and therefore it is advised to avoid visiting this city. During the period between December and January, when temperatures are higher compared to other times of the year, in addition to the period between June and July, when humidity levels are at their peak. It should be noted that the beaches in Libreville have a mild climate, so they are considered one of the best places for local residents and visiting tourists.

About the economy of Libreville

Industrial development in the capital Libreville contributed to more than double the population in the sixties, to open the deep water port in Owendo, 14.5 km southeast of the city, which facilitated dealing with regional exports, knowing that the capital Libreville is famous for exporting Wood, which is the most exported product from it, including wood, ebony, walnut, etc., and many other products are exported, such as: cocoa, rubber, palm, and others.
The industrial sector in Libreville – which contributes to supporting the national economy of Gabon – includes several areas, including: wood processing and export, plywood printing, fabric printing, flour milling, as well as shipbuilding. It should be noted that oil wells have been discovered on the opposite side of the northern coast in Libreville, and it is expected that these wells will generate money on them, which may contribute to a significant growth in the economy of Gabon.

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