What is the capital of Greece

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The capital of Greece is Athens

The capital of the state of Greece is the city of Athens, which is considered one of the oldest cities in the world and one of the ancient heritage cities, and the city of Athens is the capital of the state of Greece and is the largest Greek city, the city is located within the Plain of Attica, so it is called the Athena or Attica plaster, surrounding the Plain of Attica Four mountains from its four sides. Athens became the capital of Greece in the year 1834 AD, replacing the city of Nafplio, which was its capital temporarily since the year 1829 CE, and the city of Athens is the capital of the Greek region of Attica. This region also includes eight provinces, which are: Western Athens, Eastern Athens, North Athens, South Athens County, Central Athens District, Pirapos District. County of the islands. So, dear readers, we are glad to provide you with information about the Greek capital, Athens.

The climate in Athens

The climate in Athens is characterized as a Mediterranean climate, that is, the Mediterranean, which in turn is characterized by a hot and dry climate in the summer, as well as warm and rain in the winter. Rain falls in the city of Athens in the period between October to April and may rain during the summer.

Tourism in Athens

The city of Athens is considered one of the most famous tourist cities in the world, as it is considered one of the most attractive areas for tourists, and the tourist movement increased to Athens after the infrastructure and services in the city were modernized, after Athens hosted the Olympic Games in 2004, where the Greek government in cooperation with The European Union financed infrastructure projects and the expansion of various constructions such as the construction of the Athens International Airport and the expansion of the city’s subway.

Landmarks in Athens

  • Acropolis: It is the most famous landmark of ancient Greece and Athens, and is an important castle built in the Greek era.
  • Agora: It is a temple built in the Greek era.
  • Kerameikos: It is a wall surrounding the city of Athens.
  • Dionysus Theater: It is a theater where theatrical performances were held.
  • Benix: It is a hill of hills that was in the city and people used to gather to discuss public matters.
  • National Archaeological Museum: It is the most famous museum in the Greek state, and it contains antiquities and symbols dating back to the late Neolithic period, meaning about five thousand years.
  • Byzantine Christian Art Museum: It is considered one of the most important features of Byzantine art.

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