What is the capital of Greek Cyprus

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Nicosia is a city in the eastern Mediterranean located in the Greek Republic of Cyprus, and its administrative capital and the largest city between its cities, in addition to that it is considered the financial, commercial, and governmental center of the country; it includes the most important buildings, government offices, besides The House of Representatives, major banks, media companies, and many other key institutions in Cyprus are considered the richest cities in the Eastern Mediterranean in terms of per capita income.

A brief history of Nicosia

The area in which the city of Nicosia was located today was a colony of the Byzantine Empire during the period (330-1191 AD), then it was ruled by the royal Lusignan family between two years (1192-1489 AD), then it was controlled by Venice in 1489 AD, and the Ottoman Turks were able to submit it to their rule in the year 1571 AD, and the city remained on that until it was ruled by the British in 1878 AD, as Nicosia continued under the control of the British forces until 1960 AD, and with the passage of time, the city’s borders expanded to reach the walls of the current Venice. As a result of the Turkish intervention in Cyprus in 1974, the northern part – the separation between the Turkish border and the Republic of Cyprus – from Nicosia is subject to the supervision and supervision of the United Nations forces.

The most important landmarks of the city of Nicosia

The city of Nicosia includes many landmarks and great places. Here is a list of the most important of them:

  • Cyprus Museum: It is considered one of the most important museums of the country, and it is located in the area adjacent to the walls of the old city, and it contains many ancient historical artifacts found in the region.
  • Venetian walls: They are historical monuments built around the old city in 1567 CE.
  • AG Leventis Gallery: It is a wonderful art museum located directly outside the old city, and includes many artworks dating back to the period between the two centuries: the sixteenth and twenty years.
  • Maheras Monastery: It is one of the most important buildings of the city, as it is distinguished by its location on the foothills of the eastern hills of Troodos Mountains.
  • Church of Agios Mamas: It is an ancient Gothic church dating back to the sixteenth century, and is characterized by its incomplete construction.


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