What is the capital of Ivory Coast

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Yamoussoukro is a large African city located in the Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire), and its administrative and political capital is considered, and it is considered a self-governing region, occupying a geographical area estimated at 3,500 km2 inhabited by 355,573 people.

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The city of Yamoussoukro is located on the continent of Africa, specifically in the south-central part of the state of Ivory Coast, in the northwestern region of the actual capital of the country, the city of Abidjan, about 274 km (170 miles) from its center. Yamoussoukro sits on a land about 214 meters above sea level. As for astronomically speaking, the city of Yamoussoukro is located on the longitude (-5.28) and latitude (6.82).

A brief history of Yamoussoukro

Yamoussoukro was at first a small town that witnessed the birth of Felix Houphouet-Bouany who is considered the first president of the Ivory Coast, and with the passage of time the city grew, developed, and flourished in all its fields, especially in the field of fishing and perfumery, and became the administrative capital of the country, and the transportation center in it Since 1983 AD, after – after the death of the country’s president, Hovuit – Bouani in 1993 AD – she lost her importance and suffered from the neglect of the competent authorities, and the city’s shares continued to decline until the year 2001 AD, when the government moved its headquarters to it, which made it receive great attention, and it regained its previous position.

The former capital of Ivory Coast

Abidjan is located in the area overlooking the coast of the Gulf of Guinea, and has represented the capital of Ivory Coast since 1933 until it was transferred to the city of Yamoussoukro, bearing in mind that it was at first a fishing village that was subject to French colonialism in 1898 AD, then it was transformed from a village To a city in the year 1903 AD, and with the passage of time it grew, flourished, and became one of the largest cities in the country, as well as being its economic capital.


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