What is the capital of Japan

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Japan’s capital

Tokyo is the capital of Japan, and it was named by this name in 1868 AD, where it was called the title Edo, and the city became the capital of Japan after the Emperor established the seat of power in it, and is considered the first capital in the history of Japan It is the city of Kashiwabara, which was established during the reign of Emperor Jimo, and throughout the long history of Japan had many cities that were its capital.

The city of Tokyo

Tokyo is located on Tokyo Bay, on the Pacific coast, in the middle of Honshu Island, and is the hub of the vast urban area that is often called Greater Tokyo being the largest urban and industrial gathering in Japan. In winter, hot and humid in summer, and early summer and autumn witness rain. Usually, two or three typhoons occur during September and October.

Attractions in Tokyo

the National Museum

The National Museum, which was established in 1872 AD, is the oldest and largest Japanese museum, possessing more than 90,000 heritage items, representing the cultural and architectural heritage of Asian civilizations, especially the civilizations of Japan. Honkan gallery designed by British architect Josiah Conder.

Yoyogi Park

Yoyogi Park is one of the most important and attractive tourist destinations in the city of Tokyo, and this park was opened since 1967 AD, and it is characterized by beautiful meadows, forests, and distinctive ponds, where this wooded park is located near the Shrine of Meiji Jingu in Shibuya, Harajuku Station is just five minutes from the park.

Gokoku-ji Temple

Gokuku-ji Temple is one of the most famous and most attractive structures for tourists in Tokyo, and it is a Buddhist temple located in Bunkyo, and this temple was built in 1681 AD by Tokugawa Tsunayoshi for its mother Kishwen, and this temple was declared As an imperial shrine in 1873 AD by Emperor Meiji, tourists and the local Japanese people gather to honor Emperor Meiji and his sons whose graves are located within the temple buildings.

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