What is the capital of Kuwait

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Kuwait City is the capital of Kuwait

Kuwait City is considered as the most important city in the State of Kuwait among its six cities, and its position was occupied by being the capital of the country and the commercial center in it, in addition to its location in the center of the state, which made it the center of the country, and its current area is about 200 square kilometers, and its residents speak the Arabic language, The Kuwaiti dinar is traded as the official currency of the country.

Kuwaiti facts

The city was founded by a group of departing families from the interior regions of the Arabian Peninsula towards the coastal strip, and that was at the beginning of the eighteenth century, and the area of ​​the old city was estimated at only 13 square kilometers, and it had mud walls, and the dependence of the first residents on fishing and pearls In addition to commercial activity with the Indian subcontinent and the continent of Africa as a source of life and livelihood, but this life differed after the Second World War, as a result of the discovery of oil in Kuwaiti lands the rapid growth of the city began and the mud walls were destroyed in 1957 AD, and soon a transformation and prosperity ensued. On the economic, administrative, and urban levels, Kuwait University was opened in 1966.

During the Gulf War waged by Iraq between the years 1990-1991 AD, the city was affected by the destruction caused by the war in buildings and infrastructure, but the war soon ended and its residents returned to it and rebuilt and restored a large part of the city, and the current population of Kuwait City is about 60,064 people, as it is There is no Kuwaiti city with a population exceeding one million, according to statistics in 2020.

the landmarks of the city

Kuwait City is a major tourist destination in the Middle East, due to its distinctive architectural heritage, its buildings include many museums, the most famous of which are the National Museum, the Tariq Rajab Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, as well as the Hashemite Maritime Museum, as well as the Great Mosque and towers The famous Kuwait beside Al Seef Palace.


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