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The capital of the State of Laos

The capital of the state of Laos is the city of Vientiane, which is also the largest city in Laos, and the name of the city is derived from Bali, meaning “royal sandalwood grove” or “sandalwood city”, and it was created in the ninth century AD.

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The city of Vientiane is located on the curve of the Mekong River, divided into several provinces, and its lands are famous for the fertile alluvial plains, and is characterized by its extension along the Mekong River, and the fragrant history records trees, temples, and a vibrant culture.

History of the city of Vientiane

The city of Vientiane was founded by a prince called Thattharfaha on the eastern bank of the Mekong River, and some historians mentioned that Vientiane was the ancient Khmer settlement that formed around a Hindu temple, and its indigenous people were killed or displaced in the eleventh and twelfth centuries, and after a period of time the people of Laos After entering the city by creating a private kingdom called “Lan Shang”, then Vientiane City became the most important settlement in the Kingdom in 1354 AD, but in 1563 AD this city became the capital of the Lao state, and Vientiane City lost a lot during the conflicts that took place between the army of the kingdom and the Siamese forces And at the end of the mother The city was destroyed and many precious holdings and artifacts that were rooted in ancient history were stolen. The inhabitants fled far away, and in 1893 AD the city of Vientiane was revived by the French, then Japan was able to take over the city of Vientiane during World War II, but the city did not remain Under their command a lot, the French managed to regain this city, and during the years that passed Vientiane City participated in many civil wars and internal conflicts in addition to many different disturbances, and in the end the Lao state managed independence and liberation from French rule and then liberated Also from the monarchy in 1975 AD, it is now an independent state with an elected government.

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