What is the capital of Latvia

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an introduction

Latvia, or English (Latvia): It is a European country, and the geographical region in which it is located from the continent of Europe is the Baltic Sea region, and it is one of the three Baltic countries. It is located in relation to the continent of Europe on the north-eastern side, and Latvia overlooks the Baltic Sea, it occupies a part of its eastern coast.

Latvia’s borders

Latvia borders on the eastern side of each of the Russian Federation, Belarus or Belarus, and is bordered on the western side by the Baltic Sea, the Gulf of Riga or Riga, which connects to the Baltic Sea, bordered on the northern side by Estonia, and bordered on the southern side by Lithuania.

The capital of Latvia

The central capital of Latvia is the city of Riga or Riga, and it is called in the English language: (Riga), and it is called in the Latvian language: (Rīga). This city is located in the center of Latvia, which is a beautiful coastal city, as it overlooks the coasts of the Gulf of Regia that connects to the Baltic Sea. The city of Riga is a special and independent administrative region, as it is known that Latvia is composed according to its administrative division of 9 cities and 110 municipalities, and the city of Riga is one of these cities, and this is from an administrative point of view, and from a planning and statistical aspect, Riga city belongs to the province of Riga, Riga is one of the territories that make up Latvia, which were drawn up and approved for planning and statistical purposes only.

The city of Riga

Riga extends over an area of ​​approximately (304) square kilometers, or: (117) square miles. Water accounts for approximately 16% of this area, as the water area in Riga is approximately (48.50) square kilometers. The city of Riga is the largest city in Latvia in terms of population, with a population exceeding 700 thousand people, its population in particular, according to estimates in the year 2014: (701,977) people, and this number constitutes approximately 35% of the total population of Latvia, which It is: (1,990,300) according to 2014 estimates. With regard to population density in the city of Riga, it is the largest city in Latvia in terms of population density, with a population density of approximately: (2309) people per square kilometer, or: (5999) people per square mile.

We said earlier that Riga is the largest city in Latvia in terms of population and population density, but at the level of the continent of Europe, its population is small, and its overpopulation is also small, compared to many other cities in the continent of Europe.


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