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Riga is the capital of Latvia

Riga is one of the most popular cities in Latvia, and it is its capital, and the largest city in the Baltic states, which also includes Estonia and Lithuania. Riga occupies an area of ​​307.17 km 2 of the area of ​​the Baltic countries, and is famous for its architecture, cultural and historical richness, and the city center is also one of the sites The World Heritage of UNESCO, which is an important tourist center in the Baltic countries, where in 2016 AD it received nearly 2.3 million tourists, and the city’s strategic location between Eastern and Western Europe throughout history has made it a target to invade foreign powers, and also made it a commercial center Cup Ra.

General facts about Latvia

Latvia is located on the continent of Europe, and covers an area of ​​62249 km2 of land, and an area of ​​2340 km2 of water, and occupies the center 125 in terms of area in the world, and the total area of ​​the country is 64,589 km2. According to the statistics of 2012 about 2,191,580 people, with a population density equal to 35 people / km2, the country shares land borders with four countries: Belarus, Lithuania, Estonia, and Russia.

Climate in Riga

The city of Riga prevails in a moderate climate due to the air masses that blow on it, and is affected climatically by the country’s geography, and this is why the south winds blowing from the sea make the climate in Latvia moderate and warm, and in seasons the climate becomes cold due to the location of Latvia in northern Europe, where it witnesses coldness in Summer and winter, and the seasons play a role in influencing the direction of the winds, as the summer is cold, wet, and cloudy, and rain can fall in it, and the highest temperature in summer reaches 17 ° C, from May to September, and the winter extends from Mid-December to March, and be free It usually has between 4 and 7 degrees below zero.

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