What is the capital of Los Angeles

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City of Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a large American city located in the state of California, and it represents the capital, and the seat of Los Angeles County, which is considered the largest county in the country; it includes about ninety cities. It should be noted that the city of Los Angeles has evolved over time from a large village to become an integrated city, with world-class status, as well as being an important center in the areas of trade, tourism, agriculture, and industry.

Los Angeles city location

Los Angeles is located in the United States of America, specifically in the southern part of California, in the area directly overlooking the Pacific coast, and it sits on a land that rises ninety-six meters above sea level, but astronomically, the city of Los Angeles is found on a line Length (-118.24), and width circle (34.05).

City of Los Angeles residents

The city of Los Angeles is home to 3,999,759 people according to the statistics of the two thousand and seventeen years, and it is ranked first among the largest cities in the state of California, as it ranks second in the ranking in the list of major cities of the United States in terms of population, and the population density has reached in the city and population Statistics for the year two thousand and ten to 2,910 people per square kilometer (7,544.6 people per square mile), and given the demographics of the Los Angeles residents, 49.8% are white, 9.6% are African American, and 11.3% are Asian.

About the history of Los Angeles

Los Angeles was discovered for the first time during the eighteenth century, and this was at the hands of the Spanish, but the true history of the founding of the city began in the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty-one, and it was then subject to Spanish rule, and it remained until that was controlled by the Mexicans in the year one thousand and eight hundred Twenty, then it became American land in the year one thousand eight hundred and forty-six, and California joined the American Union four years later, and with the passage of time the city of Los Angeles grew, flourished, and its economy developed thanks to the discovery of oil, and attention was also paid Sectors of agriculture, cinema, and rail.


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