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Macedonia, or English, Macedonia is a country located in the southeastern side of the continent of Europe, and the geographical region in which Macedonia is located in the continent of Europe is the Balkan Peninsula, where Macedonia is located in relation to this region in the center. Macedonia is completely surrounded by land, as it is not bordered by any water body, and the countries that are in this way are called in the science of political geography as landlocked countries.

The capital of Macedonia

The capital of Macedonia is the city of Skopje, it is called the English language Skopje, and it is called the Macedonian language Скопје, and this Macedonian name is summed up as follows Skopje, and from this word the Arabic name is taken, Skopje city is located in the northern side of Macedonia, and it belongs to Skopje region, where it is the capital of this The region, and Skopje region is one of the eight regions that make up Macedonia, it is known that Macedonia is divided into eight administrative regions, and this division has been developed and allocated for legal and statistical purposes only.

Its administrative importance

Skopje is the central capital of Macedonia, as it is the administrative, political, economic and cultural center of Macedonia, the state institutions are there, and the major economic establishments of Macedonia are there, and major and ancient academic centers are also there, and Skopje is the largest city in Macedonia in terms of population, and population density.

Its area

Skopje covers an area of ​​571.46 sq km, or 220.64 sq mi. The average height above the sea is 240 meters. Skopje is the largest city in Macedonia in terms of population, as its population exceeds 500 thousand people, as its population in particular, according to the official Macedonian statistics that took place in 2002, reached 506,926 people, and this number constitutes approximately 25% of the total population of Macedonia, which is 2,022,547 people, according to 2002 statistics. With regard to population density in Skopje, it is the largest city in Macedonia in terms of population density, with a population density of approximately 887 people per square kilometer.

Its climate

The climate in Skopje is semi-tropical, humid and continental. In the summer, the climate is hot and humid, and in winter the climate is hot and humid, and the average temperature in the summer is 31 degrees, and the temperature sometimes rises in the summer to exceed the forty-degree barrier, but in the fall and spring, The temperature ranges between 15 – 24 degrees, that is, it is moderate at times, and cold at other times, but in the winter, the average temperature is approximately 6 degrees, and it may rise to sometimes above ten degrees.

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