What is the capital of Madagascar

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Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar

Antananarivo is the most populated city in Madagascar, its capital, and according to statistics in 2013, the population of it reached 1300000 which equals 10% of the country’s population, and the reason for the high population in it is the belief that there are better opportunities to live in the city, and the city hosts eight Ten ethnic groups and immigrant communities from all over the world, as many rural areas migrate in search of opportunities, and the rapid population growth in the city in recent years has led to a lack of space, infrastructure, and employment, and this has led to high levels of poverty , Unemployment, and crime are considered City is vital to the center of Madagascar wherein the center of political, cultural, and educational, economic and Madagascar, located specifically in the highland area of ​​central Madagascar, at a height of 1280 m above sea level.

General information about Madagascar

Madagascar is located in the continent of Africa, and covers an area of ​​581,540 km2 of land and 5,501 km2 of water, and for this it ranks 47th in terms of area worldwide, with a total area equal to 587,041 km2, and it has no land borders with any country. Madagascar became independent in 1960, after gaining independence and freedom from France, and according to statistics in 2012, the population is approximately 22,585,517 people, with a population density equal to 39 people / km2.

The economy of Madagascar

Agriculture is the basis of the country’s economy, in addition to exporting coffee, vanilla, cloves, sugar cane, cocoa, casaba rice, bananas, beans, peanuts, and animal products, in addition to tourism that was thriving due to the country’s distinct biodiversity, but Tourists are now wary of entering uncertain environments.


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