What is the capital of Maldives

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Male City

The city of Malé (French: Malé) is the capital of the Maldives, and is the seat of government there, with a population of about 133,412 people, and it extends over an area of ​​approximately 6 square kilometers. It should be noted that the city of Male is famous for the beauty of its buildings, its lively mosques, and it also contains the Islamic Center, which is characterized by its golden dome, its mosque, and its library, in addition to that it has one of the most famous fish markets, which is located near the city’s port.

About the capital, Male

Here is some general information about the capital of Maldives:

Geographical and astronomical location

Male is located geographically in the Indian Ocean, specifically on the island of Male Atoll (English: Male Atoll), approximately 645 kilometers southwest of Sri Lanka, and astronomically it is located on the latitude (4.10) north of the equator, and on the longitude (73.31) east Greenwich Line.

brief history

Male city was the main city among the Maldivian cities in important events and political protests throughout history. In previous centuries, Male was the king’s residence and the central seat of ancient royal rule, as it was surrounded by fences and fortifications in all its aspects, but in 1968 AD, when it was toppled With the monarchy, and it was reconfigured, the royal palace and the city walls were demolished, knowing that the Friday Mosque is considered one of the few archaeological buildings that still exist from the royal era until now in the city.
As for the recent history of Male City, the establishment of the Male City Council was witnessed in the year 2011 AD, after the inclusion of the Decentralization Law, with the aim of implementing local government in the Maldives, so that the Male City Council becomes the government body responsible for administration for the Maldivian capital, bearing in mind that this council includes eleven political wings Most of them belong to the Maldivian Democratic Party.

Tourism and economy

The economy of the capital, Male, depends mainly on the tourism sector in it, as tourism constitutes about 28% of the country’s gross domestic product, because of the tourist resorts that this island contains, and other tourist attractions, the most prominent of which are: the Sultan Garden, the National Museum, and the Islamic Center , And the old Friday Mosque, which dates back to the year 1656 AD, in addition to the presidential palace, the old bazaar, and others.


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