What is the capital of Malta

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The city of Valletta is also pronounced FALTA, it is the actual capital of the Republic of Malta, this island which is the smallest country in the European Union, and this city is the largest among the cities of Malta, and the history of the city of Valletta in the past, dates back to the ancient system of Saint John of Jerusalem, charitable, and was controlled through History of this city was given by both the Phoenicians, then the Greeks, the Carthaginians, and then the Romans, followed by the Byzantines, and then the Arabs, and finally the Malta Cavalry Division. Valletta is located in the center of the Republic of Malta, this small island, in particular its eastern part. The city is named after its ancient castle, and Valletta is considered one of the areas rich in antiquities dating back to ancient times of history, and it may be the richest in the world, where we find many memorials to this day, and may reach approximately 320 memorials.

We find in this city many old buildings that date back to the 16th century AD, telling of a history full of tradition and originality, and Valletta is characterized by a climate that is moderate in winter and mild to humidity, whereas in summer it is dry and warm, and there are many ports that are established naturally, and one port is The largest among them, which was built with a human machine, and these ports dock the ships that carry travelers to all the nearby countries such as Italy and Spain.

Culture in the city of Valletta

Valletta is considered a city of cultures, as it is called the natural cultural center, where its streets and buildings tell a lot of stories and novels in the founding of this city, and the city includes many museums that a visitor from all over the world, especially its famous museum, the National Museum of Fine Arts, and also many palaces, and what the fence Surrounding this city, it only increased its elegance and splendor, where history is heard echoing from its stones, and its buildings are distinguished by unique engineering, which prompted UNESCO to include it in the list of world heritage.

Tourism in the city of Valletta

Tourism is important in the city of Valletta, where there is a famous water fountain in the center of the city, which dates back to an ancient history, and we find at its beach many cannons directed towards the sea, and it is considered a great masterpiece as it was used by the Maltese residents during their defense of Malta during the occupation of the English and they had victory, In the old city, or what is known as the inner valetta, cars are never allowed to enter, due to the narrow streets. Several walls have been set up to transport people and tourists to enjoy the view of the city from the inside, so the streets of this city are the narrowest in the world.

Churches in the city of Valletta

There are many archeological churches in the city of Valletta, which number in each of Malta approximately 350 churches and most of them are located in the capital, and follow the Catholic doctrine, and the religion of the people of the country is indicated where the state punishes all those who drink alcohol.


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