What is the capital of Mauritania

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Nouakchott, the capital of Mauritania

Since the city of Nouakchott is the official capital of the state of Mauritania, then surely it is the largest city and the most densely populated city where it exceeds two million people, and the city of Nouakchott is one of the cities of the great Sahara, and it is an economic and administrative center for the state of Mauritania, and it was chosen to be the capital of the state in 1957 AD And for that, a foundation stone was laid for it by its then president, Mukhtar Ould Daddah, and de Gaulle, then French president, participated, and it was soon converted from a lonely village in the desert that lacked the city’s standing, to a city that bore the characteristics of civilization.

Education in Nouakchott

The university located in the city of Nouakchott, is the only university of the state of Mauritania, was in the year 1981 AD is the founding year, and it includes four colleges, where we find the Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences, as well as the Faculty of Medicine in its branches, and there is the Faculty of Legal and Economic Sciences, in addition to the College of Science and Technology, Despite the few universities in it, it is trying as much as possible to support science, as we find the American International School in addition to the well-known French high school Theodore Monot.

Industry in Nouakchott

In the city of Nouakchott, various companies are interested in the industry, especially each of the cement industry, the food industry, in addition to the carpet industry in which this city is famous, as well as the manufacture of pesticides, not to mention the products of this artisan city, which is the city through which its port is used to export copper and its stones.

Landmarks in Nouakchott

In the city of Nouakchott, there are many important landmarks that would increase the urbanization of the country, where we see the famous Palace of Conferences, in which many internal and international conferences were held, and also we find the National Museum that displays the effects of this city since ancient times, and the Olympic stadium, which hosted the most important matches, is also famous. Internationalization, and what the tourists are pleased with is the shopping in the famous traditional industries market, where it displays many handicrafts in which the city is famous, and the Nouakchott Corniche is only the destination of every visitor to the country, and also the traditional fishing port, and also the port of friendship.

Art in Nouakchott

Although this city lacks the role and big theaters, it is always a permanent artistic and cultural movement, as we find that most activities take place either in the open air, such as sports stadiums, or in the squares of the capital and its cultural center, and is interested in hosting an annual film festival known as the Nouakchott Film Festival, as well as a reputation The poetry festival that takes place in it, which is the Mauritanian poetry festival, in addition to several festivals held annually.

Problems in Nouakchott

What Nouakchott suffers from is the large number of neighborhoods that are built randomly, and what threatens its existence is a serious problem, as it is a coastal city, because the ocean waters crawl inward towards the residential buildings, and therefore the local government in Mauritania cooperates with some organizations Global International is working on a project that aims to stabilize the sand in the ocean as it would hinder the face of water crawling.


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