What is the capital of Monaco

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The capital of Monaco

Monte Carlo is mistakenly believed to be the capital of Monaco, but in reality although it is the most populated area in Monaco it is only a region in the country, and the capital of Monaco is Monaco, which is the political center of Monaco, and the executive headquarters of its president, and the population of the capital Monaco is 32,965 people , Located along latitude 43.73 and longitude 7.42.

State of Monaco

Monaco is the second smallest independent country in the world, with an area of ​​approximately two square kilometers, and the system of government is constitutional monarchy, and the population of Monaco is 37 thousand citizens, the main religion of which is Christian, and its official language is French.

Monaco was founded as a country in 1419 AD, and as for its location it is located in the continent of Europe, and is linked only with the State of France with land borders, and Monaco takes the euro as its official currency.

Ethnic divisions of Monaco

French citizens make up more than a quarter of the population of Monaco, and there are small numbers of Swiss, Italians and Belgians, and the original inhabitants of Monaco do not exceed a fifth of the population, and we list the following proportions of ethnic divisions in Monaco:

  • French by 28.4%.
  • Monaco is indigenous by 21.6%.
  • Italians 18.7%.
  • British 7.5%.
  • Belgian by 2.8%.
  • 2.5% Swiss.
  • 2.5% Germans.
  • Americans 1.0%.
  • Other ethnic composition, 15.0%.

The economy of Monaco

Monaco’s economy is mainly dependent on real estate, tourism, small industries and financial services. The Monaco government monopolizes telephone, tobacco and postal services, and the government’s income in 1997 amounted to $ 586 million, 25% of which was received from tourism.

The climate of Monaco

Monaco has moderate winters, with an average winter temperature of approximately 8 ° C, and in summer, the average temperature of 26 ° C.


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