What is the capital of Mongolia?

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Ulan Batar is the popular capital of Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar is the national capital of popular Mongolia, and it is the largest city in it, and it is classified as a regional municipality, as it is not part of any Mongolian province, and the city is located in the north-central part of Mongolia, at an altitude of 1310 meters inside the valley The Tuol River, also the financial, industrial and cultural center of Mongolia, is linked to the Chinese rail system, as well as the trans-Siberian railways.

History of Ulan Batar

The city of Ulaanbaatar was established in 1639 AD as a city of a monastery, where the monastery section and the former center of the city remain, in addition to the effects of the establishment of the High Priest of Buddhism. In 1924 AD her name was changed to Ulan Batar, which means red hero.

The city was developed with the assistance of the Soviet Union, where a new city was planned, and the Sohbaatar Square was one of its most important landmarks, in addition to the establishment of the History Museum and the National Theater, as well as the National University of Mongolia, which was founded in 1942 AD, in addition to the proliferation of many schools Professional and technical, and the Academy of Sciences in Mongolia, and the city has become the main industrial center of Mongolia, where a variety of consumer goods, iron and cement products, and bricks are produced, in addition to many clothing and shoes factories, food products factories and others.

The most prominent landmarks of Ulaanbaatar

Ulan Batar, the capital of Mongolia, includes many high-level museums, traditional theaters, and restaurants. Among the most prominent tourist attractions are the following:

  • National Museum of Mongolia.
  • Shuujin Lama Temple Museum.
  • Winter Palace of Boghdat Khan.
  • Zanabazar Museum of Fine Arts.
  • International Intellectual Museum.
  • Mongolia National Library.


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