What is the capital of Montenegro

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The small European city of Podgorica is located in the Republic of Montenegro, and it is an important economic center since the Middle Ages, and it represents the capital of the official state. The capital was moved from the city of Sittini, which today embraces the official residence of the President of the Republic, and considering that It represents the main seat of the country’s government, its legislative and executive powers, and is represented by the Council of Ministers and Parliament.

Podgorica site

Podgorica is located in the Republic of Montenegro, specifically in the central part of the country, in the area between Lake Scotari (fifteen kilometers) and the Alps, and the city occupies within its borders a geographical area of ​​only 1,441 km2, either from the astronomical side The longitude (.17 46.17 ′15 19) is to the east, and the latitude (27.76 ″ 26 ′ 42) is to the north.

Podgorica city topography

The city sits in the northern corner of the Zita Plain, and the dominant feature of its terrain is the flat land, with its elevation in the direction towards the central part of the city, and the Podgorica lands, and the adjacent areas are interspersed with a number of current rivers, such as: Muraya River, Ribnica, Signza, Sigina, And Cetnica, and thus enjoy large areas of water bodies.

The most important landmarks of the city of Podgorica

Podgorica contains many places and wonderful tourist attractions, and the following is a reminder of the most important:

  • Stara Faros neighborhood: It is the oldest neighborhood in Podgorica, and inside it contains many buildings dating back four centuries ago.
  • Djabi Monastery: It is a historical Orthodox church, built in the year one thousand eight hundred and ninety-seven, and it is distinguished for its beautiful architecture.
  • The Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ: It was built in the year two thousand and thirteen, and is characterized by white stone towers, the huge dome, and golden crosses.
  • Natural History Museum: Inside it contains various types of fossils, plants, and stuffed animals.
  • Niagara Falls: They are high water pockets that are at the top of their bid during the thaw period.


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