What is the capital of Morris Island?

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The city of Port Louis

Port Louis is a small African city located in the Republic of the island of Mauritius, and its administrative and national capital since the year one thousand seven hundred and thirty-five, in addition to being the seat of the country’s government, and its economic, financial, commercial, cultural, tourist, cultural, tourist, and cultural, It includes the main port, the most important government buildings, and financial institutions, such as: the stock exchange, and banks, and includes many factories specialized in manufacturing industries, and cultural centers that deal with writing, poetry, drawing, and Sculpture.

Port Louis city location

The city of Port Louis is located in the Republic of the island of Mauritius, specifically in the province of Port Louis, in the area overlooking the Indian Ocean, and on the border with the Moka Ring mountain range, including: Peter Poth Mountain and Mount Le Bossi, knowing that each reaches a height of 800 meters from Sea level, and the city sits with its borders on a geographical area of ​​approximately 6,3 km². As for astronomically, Port Louis is found on longitude (57.31), and latitude (10.20).

An overview of Port Louis city history

The history of the establishment of the city of Port Louis dates back to the year one thousand seven hundred and thirty-six, at the hands of the French, and at that time it represented an anchorage for the ships passing around the Cape of Good Hope, and during the military campaigns of Commander Napoleon the city of Port Louis was under the control of the British, and it remained on that until n. It should be noted that the city’s port – with the passage of time – has undergone great development until it became the main port in the country.

The most important landmarks of Port Louis City

Port Louis includes many landmarks and wonderful tourist places, and the following is a reminder of the most important:

  • Benny Blue Museum: It is a wonderful museum that includes many works, and pieces that express the history of exploring the island, its conditions during the colonial period, in addition to an impressive collection of Mauritian stamps.
  • Pierre Laval Mausoleum: It is a monument, and a mausoleum belonging to a French Catholic priest.
  • Central Market: It is an old, dynamic and vibrant market that includes many shops.
  • Abravasi Ghat Complex: It is a small complex of traditional stone buildings.
  • Photography Museum: It includes many photography works by local photographer Tristan Previl.


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