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Albany city

Albany is a small American city located in New York State, and it is the seat of Albany County, and the administrative capital of New York State since the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety-seven, in addition to being an important commercial and industrial center; it includes one of the oldest airports in the country And a seaport for shipping goods across the ocean, the city also includes many government facilities, cultural centers, conference rooms, and higher education institutions.

Albany city location

Albany is located in the American state of New York, specifically in the region located on the Hudson River, and a distance of one hundred and fifty miles north of New York City, and it is located on the border with a number of cities; where it is bordered by the city of Gelderland on the western side, and the city of Bethlehem on the side Southern, as it is located on the border with the city of Colony from the northern side, and Albanian city occupies with its borders an area of ​​about 57 km², the water bodies of the lake, and the rivers occupy an area of ​​more than square kilometers.

Albanian city residents

The city of Albany has a population of 98,251 people, according to the latest statistics that were conducted in the year two thousand and seventeen, and it is a city of high density, so taking into consideration the geographical area, the population density of the city of Albany reaches 1.734 people per km2 (per square kilometer) The ethnic composition of the Albanian population, according to statistics of two thousand and ten, 93% are white residents, 3% are African Americans, 1% are Asian, and the remainder are from other races.

The most important landmarks of the city of Albany

Albany includes many attractions and wonderful tourist places, and the following is a reminder of the most important:

  • Empire State Building: It is a complex built in modern American style.
  • New York State Museum: It provides an image of the history of the region, and of the indigenous population.
  • Capitol Building: It is a distinctive old government building, built in the year one thousand eight hundred and ninety nine.
  • Washington Park: It includes a number of playgrounds, parks, and a lake.
  • Corning Watchtower: It is a tall building that provides a wonderful opportunity to see the city.
  • Albany Institute of History and Art.
  • Shaker Heritage Society.

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