What is the capital of Northern Ireland

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Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland

Belfast is a medium-sized English city located in the Northern Ireland, and its administrative capital has been since the year one thousand nine hundred and twenty, after the issuance of the Ireland government law, in addition to being the seat of the country’s government, the hub of trade, education, and services, and entertainment Shopping, and the main port of Northern Ireland.

Belfast city site

Belfast is located in the state of Northern Ireland, specifically in the area near the mouth of the Lagan River, which overlooks Belfast Lake which is considered the entrance to the Northern Channel of the Irish Sea, and it is located on a coast of 13.7 km (8.5 mi), and the country is considered the second Besides that it sits on a land whose average height reaches seventeen meters above sea level. As for astronomically, Belfast is located on the longitude (-5.93), and the latitude (54.58), and in relation to its population, it is 274.770 people. .

Belfast city economy

Belfast has a strong economic sector since its inception. It includes many diversified economic activities, which contribute greatly to the development of the city’s economy, improving the living standards of the population, and these activities include: shipbuilding, the tobacco industry, and the love and rope In addition to that, the services sector is also considered a key component of the city’s economy, including: banking, financial services, education, law, arts, and others.

Sights of the city of Belfast

The city of Belfast includes many landmarks and wonderful tourist places, and the following are mentions of the most important:

  • Titanic Belfast: It is a building, and an impressive architectural edifice built in the modern modern style, and its design takes the form of the forefront of the famous Titanic ship.
  • Ulster Museum: It is a wonderful museum that contains a variety of historical exhibits, including the wreck of the ship Girona dating back to one thousand five hundred and eighty-eight.
  • city ​​Council: It is a classic building built in the year one thousand nine hundred and six, and it is distinguished for its construction of white Portland stone.
  • Botanical Gardens: It is a picturesque green space, and a natural outlet for the city’s residents.


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