What is the capital of Oman

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Muscat is the capital of Oman

Muscat is the capital of Oman, and it is located on the coast of the Gulf of Oman surrounded by volcanic mountains, and the region connects to the west and south by various ways, and the Portuguese controlled in 1508 AD, over Muscat and the adjacent coast, where they owned a commercial center and a naval base there, until they were expelled in 1650 CE, The non-traditional architecture of the city shows its influence with Arabic, Portuguese, Persian, Indian, African, and modern Western architecture, as the Indian-style Sultan’s Palace was built on the edge of the sea, and the old wall of Muscat, along with some of its gates still stands today,
The population of Muscat is approximately 797,000, according to statistics for 2020.
It is located on 23.61 latitude and 58.59 longitude, and is the political center in the Sultanate of Oman, which follows the system of absolute rule, and the headquarters of its CEO.

Tourism in Muscat

There are many tourist destinations that can be visited in Muscat, the most famous of which is Bahla Fort, which is one of the four historical castles that represent the city. It is the abode of green turtles, the Batinah coast, and the Palace of Science, which is one of the examples of modern Arab architecture, the Jalali Castle, the Merani Castle, and the Nakhl Castle that were built in the seventeenth century, and Muscat also includes other famous places such as: Sands and Wahiba, which is a huge mass Of undulating sand dunes up to a height of 200 m.


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