What is the capital of Pakistan

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Pakistan, or in English (Pakistan) It is a country located in the southern part of the continent of Asia, bordered by India on the eastern side, and bordered on the northeastern side by India and China, and bordered on the northern side by Afghanistan, bordered on the western side by Afghanistan, and bordered on the southwestern side by Iran, and bordered on the southern side The Arabian Sea that connects with the Indian Ocean, as it has long coasts on this sea.

The capital of Pakistan

The capital of Pakistan is the city of Islamabad, and it is called in English (Islamabad)And it is called in the Urdu language: (Islamabad), and the Urdu language is the official language in Pakistan, and the city of Islamabad is located in the northwestern part of Pakistan, and the city of Islamabad is known according to the administrative division known in Pakistan as a special and independent administrative region, as it does not belong to any region Or another province, it is known that Pakistan is divided administratively into a group of provinces and regions, and the administrative region that is officially represented by the city of Pakistan is called: the capital region of Islamabad, and in English (Islamabad Capital Territory), And is abbreviated as follows (ICT).

Founding the capital of Pakistan

The city of Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan since the sixties of the last century, it was chosen to be the new federal capital of the country in 1958, and it actually became the capital of the country in the sixties of the last century, and the former capital was the city of Karachi which is located in southern Pakistan, and belongs to the province of Sindh, It overlooks the Arabian Sea. The reasons that prompted the Pakistani government to move the capital to the city of Islamabad are: the government’s desire to distribute development in the country, its lack of focus in a particular region, the hot tropical climate that prevails in the city of Karachi, and the extreme location occupied by the city of Karachi in the south of the country, as it is far About the country’s center, and other reasons.

The area of ​​the capital of Pakistan

The city of Islamabad spans an estimated area of ​​906 km2, or 349.81 sq mi. The average height above the sea is 555 meters. Although the city of Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan, it is not the largest city in terms of population. The largest city in Pakistan in terms of population is the city of Karachi with a population of more than 23 million people. As for the city of Islamabad, its population does not exceed 1,700,000 according to statistics In 2011, this number constitutes less than 1% of the total population of Pakistan, which is 196,174,380 people according to the estimates of the year 2014. With regard to the population density in the city of Islamabad, it is approximately 1876 people per square kilometer.


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