What is the capital of Panama

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The Republic of Panama is located on the South American continent, and it is one of the countries that are known as the center countries. The area of ​​this country is estimated at about 78 thousand square kilometers, and it is located on the borders with both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea on its northern side, and with the Pacific Wall on its southern side, and with Colombia on its southeast side, and with Costa Rica on its northwestern side. It is this country that connects both North and South America. The Republic of Panama is a country in a linear fashion, with an estimated width of approximately 80-190 km.

Perhaps the most important and most prominent milestone of this country is the channel known as the Panama Canal. The official language of the Republic of Panama is Spanish, while the local language recognized by this country is the coastal language of Hesse. While the people of this country are multi-ethnic, one of the most prominent races in this country is the American race, Asians, whites, and Mestizos, and they constitute the largest proportion of the population of this country; This race is the second most widespread race in Panama, with an estimated 14% of the entire population in Panama. The capital of Panama is the city of Panama, but the system of government is a republican system of government, as it gained independence from Colombia in 1903 AD, and the currency of the Republic of Panama is Balboa, in addition to that they deal in US dollars.

Panama City (the capital)

Panama City is the official capital of the Republic of Panama, which is located on the banks of the Gulf in Panama, where this city is located in the Pacific Ocean, to the east of the canal known in Panama, which is known as the Panama Canal. The population of this city is estimated at about 708 thousand people, while the population of what is known as the urban gathering in Panama is estimated at approximately one million people. Panama City is the cultural and administrative center of this country, and it is a symbol of its development and modernity. The old city of Panama was designated as a World Heritage Site, and in the year 2003 AD this city was chosen to be the American capital of culture. There are 79 banks in this city, including two national banks, which are among the cities that attract tourists, and from all parts of the world and its regions. Hence, this city was an important source of tourism income in this country.


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