What is the capital of Peru

المسافرون العرب

The city of Lima

Lima is a large South American city located in the Republic of Peru, and its administrative and national capital represents since the Republic gained independence on the twenty-eighth of July of the year one thousand eight hundred and twenty-one, as it is considered to be the headquarters and headquarters of Lima. , And the Peruvian Ministry (executive, legislative, and judicial), in addition to being the focus of trade, culture, education, and economy in the country.

Lima city location

Lima is located in the Republic of Peru, specifically in the desert-plain region located on the border with the foothills of the Andes Mountains from the east, and the dry coast of Peru, and the slopes of the Pacific Ocean from the western side, and it sits on a plateau that reaches an altitude of one hundred and fifty two meters from the sea level As for the astronomical aspect, the city of Lima lies on the longitude (-77.03), and the latitude (-12.04).

Lima city residents

Lima lives the capital (the city, and its environs) 10,554,712 people, according to the statistics of the year two thousand and nineteen, and the city in the year two thousand and fourteen ranked fifth in the list of major cities of the two continents in terms of population, which is the seventh urban area at the level of the seventh Given the geographical area of ​​the city, the population density is 3,000 people per square kilometer (7,000 people per square mile), and statistical estimates indicate that the population of Lima will rise to 12,971,998 people by the year two thousand and thirty-five.

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The most important landmarks of Lima city

The city of Lima contains many landmarks and wonderful tourist places, and the following are the most important mention:

  • Larco Museum: It is located in a historical palace, and within it contains the most important ceramic groups in the city of Lima.
  • Santo Domingo Church: It is an ancient church, the building of which dates back to the sixteenth century.
  • AMANO Museum Foundation: It includes sets of ceramics, lace, and utensils.
  • Lima Museum of Art: It is a wonderful art museum that houses the most important collections of plastic arts in the city.

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