What is the capital of Qatar

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Qatar is one of the Arab countries that are characterized by its small area, which is located in the eastern side of the Arabian Peninsula in the southwest of Asia, which overlooks the Arabian Gulf, and its capital, Doha. Qatar has an area of ​​about 11,521 square kilometers, and its population in 2015 was approximately 2,404,776 people, and Qatar is one of the high-income countries as it is supported by the third largest reserves of natural gas and oil.

Doha is the capital of Qatar

Doha is the capital of the State of Qatar, which has an area of ​​about 132000000 square meters. The estimated population of the population living in the capital in 2011 is approximately 1,450,000 people. Doha is a coastal city located in the middle of the eastern coast overlooking the shore of the Arabian Gulf, and there are many ministries And the government departments, commercial and financial institutions, and it has a large commercial port, and an airport that connects it with all parts of the world. The time Damaged.

The most prominent landmarks of Doha

  • Skyscrapers in Doha.
  • Hamad International Airport.
  • Standing market.
  • The Pearl Island.
  • Katara Cultural District.
  • Lusail City (under construction).
  • Banana Island.
  • Musheireb, the heart of Doha (under construction).
  • Lagoon Bay.
  • Aspire Zone Park.
  • Islamic art museum.
  • Museum of Modern Art.
  • Qatar National Museum.

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