What is the capital of Qatar

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The capital of Qatar

Doha is the capital of the State of Qatar with a population that is the largest in the country equal to 1,313,000 people. The system of government in Qatar is the absolute monarchy of the ruling Al Thani family, and at the head of its pyramid Prince Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani who assumed power on 25/25/2013, the presence of political parties in Qatar is prohibited, and there is no independent legislative body, and he stated that earlier he was Prince Tamim al-Thani, the father of Prince Tamim, had promised that free parliamentary elections would be held in 2005, but the matter was postponed indefinitely.

About Doha

Qatar has a population of 2.16 million, according to 2014 statistics. But there is a big gap between the number of males to the number of females, with males 1.4 million while females only 500,000. This is due to the large influx of male laborers towards Qatar. Qataris do not constitute the majority of the population of Doha and have many nationalities, mostly from Iran, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Philippines and Bangladesh, and Doha is located on the coastal road of the Qatar Peninsula, and Doha is the heart The vibrant state where administrative, financial, cultural activities, transportation and social services are concentrated, and the civilized side of the city has grown after the fishing and pearl trade from Al-Baida Port, and Doha has a beautiful waterfront called the Corniche available to the public as a pedestrian corridor.

Tourist attractions for Doha

There are many tourist attractions in Qatar, starting from the heritage and cultural places, and the modern tourist places and the natural appearances in it, among the famous heritage places in Qatar (Barzan Towers, Wajba Castle, Al Koot Castle, and Al Jassas Al Qasaryah Sculptures), but the tourist places are multiple and most notably Doha Park The sea, while the natural areas are varied and distinguishes Qatar from others such as: (the desert of Qatar, picturesque sand dunes, composition of rocky cross, the cave of Dahl Al-Mesfer).


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