What is the capital of Romania

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Romania, or in English (Romania) It is a European country, and it is located in relation to the continent of Europe in the southeastern side, and the region in which it is located from the continent of Europe is the Balkan Peninsula, it is one of the countries of the Balkan Peninsula, and is located in relation to this region in the northeastern side. Romania overlooks the Black Sea, as it has long and extended coasts on this sea, which occupies a large part of the western coast of the Black Sea. Romania is surrounded by a group of countries, and its number reaches five countries. These countries are: Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary Hungary. As for Ukraine, it borders it to the north, and the far north-east. As for Moldova, it borders it on the northeastern side. As for Bulgaria, it borders it from the southern side. Serbia and Hungary are shared by the borders of Western Romania.

Bucharest is the capital of Romania

The capital of Romania is the city of Bucharest, and it is called in English (Bucharest), Called in Romanian (București)And the English noun is pronounced as (Biocarst), while the Romanian noun is pronounced as (Bucurchet), and the city of Bucharest is located in the south of Romania. Other than the provinces of Romania, it is known that Romania is divided administratively into 41 provinces and cities, as there are 42 administrative regions. Bucharest is surrounded on all sides by one province, which is the Province of Vouf, or in English (Ilfov).

The area of ​​the city of Bucharest

The city of Bucharest spans an area of ​​228 km2, or 88 mi 2. The average height above sea level is 73.65 meters. And the city of Bucharest is the largest city in Romania in terms of population, with a population exceeding 1.5 million people, its population in particular according to official statistics that took place in Romania in 2011 – 1,883,425 people, and this number constitutes approximately 9.3% of the total For the population of Romania, which is 20,121,641 people according to the statistics of 2011. With regard to population density in the city of Bucharest, it is the largest city in Romania in terms of population density, with a population density of approximately 8260 people per square kilometer.

The city of Bucharest

Bucharest is the political, administrative, economic, social, and tourist capital of Romania, as the Romanian institutions and government centers are located in it, and it is one of the most prosperous economic cities in Romania, and it has many important economic facilities, and it is also one of the largest industrial centers in Romania, and in Eastern Europe, which is The largest city in Romania in terms of population, and in terms of population density, which is an important tourist destination for many tourists around the world, due to the large number of important and attractive tourist sites in it.

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