What is the capital of Samoa

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The city of Abia

The city of Apia is a small city found in the independent state of Samoa in the calm ocean, and its administrative, national, and metropolitan capital is the only city in the country, in addition to that it includes the main port, the largest in Samoa, and the offices and offices of Samoa , Ministries, and the House of Representatives, and it hosts major financial institutions, airlines, educational institutes, and others.

The location and area of ​​Abia

The city of Apia is located in the state of Samoa, specifically in the region located at the mouth of the Vaisegano River, in the northern corner of the second largest island in the country, which is the island of Yopolo, and on the border with Mount Vaya on the southern side, and Abia occupies its borders a geographical area of ​​sixty kilometers, six kilometers, or six kilometers Astronomically, the city of Abia is located on the longitude (171.45) west, and the latitude (13.50) south.

The climate of Apia is

The city of Apia, by virtue of its location, has a tropical climate, where the temperatures are relatively constant throughout the year, and it reaches an average of thirty degrees Celsius, with two main seasons: a dry season and a wet season, with the most months of July July and August, while the weather in the months between July and September is dry, and relatively cold, with a lower chance of hurricanes in it, which makes it one of the most appropriate times to visit the city.

The most important landmarks of the city of Abia

The city of Apia contains many landmarks and tourist places, and the following is a reminder of the most important:

  • Makete Fu Market: It is a vibrant, active market that includes many kiosks, and shops specialized in selling various products.
  • Samoa Cultural Village: It is a wonderful village that includes exhibitions and workshops that express the cultural and traditional life in Samoa.
  • The Immaculate Cord Cathedral: It is an ancient archaeological church, built near the city’s harbor in the year one thousand eight hundred and eighty-four, and it has undergone rebuilding work in recent times.
  • Fania Tolalo Gallery: It is a wonderful art exhibition that includes many works, and pieces of art by local artists, and from surrounding islands, including: paintings, jewelry, sculptures, and others.


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