What is the capital of Scotland

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What is the capital of Scotland

Scotland is located in the northwest of the European continent, it is part of the components of the United Kingdom, and has a common land border with England, which borders it to the south, with an area of ​​approximately 78,772 square kilometers and has 790 islands, and a water area of ​​30,414 square miles, a population of approximately 5.3 One million people, the official language is English, the pound sterling.

The system of government has a constitutional monarchy, and the current queen is Queen Elizabeth II; it has an independent parliament but does not have absolute sovereignty, as the British Parliament can abolish it or extend its term, and there have long been ambitions by England to occupy Scotland and maintain its dominance over it, and many revolutions have taken place To get rid of colonialism and obtain its freedom, and in 1328 it became independent from England, and this was Scotland was an independent kingdom until the year 1707 and after that it united with the Kingdom of England.

Scotland does not have many natural resources except that it has some oil and gas fields, and it also has extensive agricultural lands. This is also famous for mineral industries, as well as electronic industries, as it produces nearly half of what Britain produces from computers.

Scotland contains many cities that are located within major provinces and are as follows:

  • Glasgow.
  • Edinburgh.
  • Aberdeen.
  • Dundee.
  • Renvershire.
  • South Lanarkshire.
  • North Lanarkshire.
  • West Lothian.
  • Fifi.
  • Highland.
  • Perth and Knross.
  • Stirling.
  • Inverclyde.
  • East Ayrshire.
  • South Ayrshire.

The capital is Edinburgh and is located near the North Sea, and the Glasgow harbor is the largest city in Scotland, and this has an area of ​​approximately 264 square kilometers, and a population of approximately 459 thousand people while the population of Glasgow is 590 thousand people, and the city of Edinburgh is the second The most tourist city in the United Kingdom after the capital, London. It is worth noting that there are 11 international cities that are considered twins of Edinburgh.

In spite of the industrialization of industrial companies in the city of Glasgow, the capital city of Edinburgh is the administrative center of Scotland, and the capital contains many land roads, trains, etc. It also has a good transportation network and many health and financial services and others, and the city has combined between the past legacy and the present civilization and this which UNESCO has paid for the preservation of archaeological and heritage sites to register 4,500 buildings for their preservation.


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