What is the capital of Sicily

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Palermo is the capital of Sicily

Palermo is the capital of Sicily in Italy, located in northwestern Sicily on the Tyrrhenian Sea on the edge of the fertile plain, and is the largest city in Sicily and its main port, and is famous for many important industries such as textiles, food products, and materials Chemical, in addition to printed materials, and cement, the city also includes places to build ships.

History of Palermo

The city of Palermo was founded by the Phoenician merchants in the eighth century BC, and later became a settlement of Carthage until it fell under the control of the Romans in 254 BC, where it retreated under Roman rule, but it flourished later when the Byzantines regained it from the Goths, and in 831 AD it occupied it. The Arabs prospered at that time as a center of rich trade with North Africa, and in 1130 AD it was established in Sicily as a kingdom of the Normans, and Palermo became its capital, where both the Greeks, Arabs, Normans, and Jews worked to create a global culture in it.

The rule of the Normans was replaced in the year 1194 AD by the rule of the German Hanhofen family, and the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II converted the center of imperial policy to Sicily, and his court in Palermo had an important cultural center throughout Western Europe, and in 1266 AD it was conquered by the French, then the Aragonese It also fell for a long time under Spanish rule, and in 1860 AD, it was seized by Giuseppe Garibaldi, followed by its joining the United Kingdom of Italy, and was captured by the Allied Forces in 1943 AD, and bombed and destroyed many of its buildings during World War II.

Palermo highlights

Palermo is located on the edge of Europe in the middle of the ancient world, as it contains many Byzantine mosaics, Arabesque domes, monasteries, churches, and old stores, in addition to the largest opera house in Italy, and many restaurants, the most prominent of which are the following:

  • Palatine Chapel.
  • Norman Palace.
  • Palermo Cathedral.
  • Regional exhibition of Sicily.
  • Balaru Market.
  • Inquisition Museum.


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