What is the capital of Singapore

المسافرون العرب

Singapore is the capital of Singapore

Singapore is the capital of the Republic of Singapore, and it is located in its south, and it is considered a strategic location for its presence on the strait between the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea. This city is characterized by the presence of a deep-water port in it, which is the largest port in Southeast Asia, and one of the global commercial centers. The city of Singapore has many names, including the city of the lion and the city of gardens. The climate of the state of Singapore is generally classified as tropical. Rains are heavy and humidity is high, with average temperatures of 27 degrees Celsius.

History of Singapore

Singapore was founded by a prince of the Sri Vijayan Empire from Palembang according to what was mentioned in the Portuguese records and according to the Malay traditions, in the fourteenth century AD, and its modern history began with the arrival of the British East India Company to Singapore on the twenty-ninth of January 1819 AD with the arrival of Stamford Raffles, and the port continued to grow in it, but its importance increased with the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869 AD, the increase in the passage of ships through it for refueling, and in 1951 AD, the city of Singapore was established under a royal pact, and finally the central government took over the administration of this area after 1963 AD.

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The economy of Singapore

The Singapore port plays an important role in the Singaporean economy, as there are pineapple canning factories, rubber factories, and tin smelting businesses. The economy also focuses on refineries, and the East Lake is a regional center for transporting goods in containers between ships. The city is also famous for its industrial zone A port called Jurong, the booming city of Singapore in the financial sector, and its excellent facilities have made it the main commercial and financial center of Southwest Asia.

Tourist places in Singapore

From the tourist destinations in the Republic of Singapore, the following are:

  • National Museum of Singapore: This museum began in 1849 AD and is the oldest museum in Singapore, and contains exhibits related to the history of the country.
  • Victoria Theater and Concert Hall: This theater is located in the middle of the Central Singapore region, and it consists of two buildings, and a clock tower that connects them with a common path. In this complex, exhibitions, meetings, public events, and musical and theatrical performances are hosted in this complex.
  • Civil War Memorial: The memorial to the victims of the Japanese occuAl Bahahn is one of the most important monuments in Singapore.
  • Asian Civilizations Museum: Opened in 1997, this museum is one of the leading museums in Singapore.

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