What is the capital of Solomon Islands

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Honiara city

Honiara is a small city located in the state of Solomon Islands, and its administrative and national capital is represented after the capital was moved from Tolagi Island in the year one thousand nine hundred and fifty-two, in addition to being the main port of the country, the seat of government, the axis of government, the axis , And communications; it contains an international airport. It should be noted that the city is famous for its trade in wood, fish, and coconut, among others.

Honiara city site

Honiara is located in the state of Solomon Islands located in Oceania within the islands of the Pacific Ocean, specifically in the area overlooking the northwestern coast of the island of Guadalcanal located on the River Matanicao, and it occupies within its borders a geographical area of ​​22 km2 only, knowing that this area is inhabited by 20, 20.5 people , Honiara sits on a land whose average height is forty-nine meters above sea level. As for astronomically, it is located on longitude (159.95) and latitude (-9.43).

An overview of Honiara city history

The city of Honiara witnessed in the year one thousand nine hundred and forty two battles of the Second World War, which is the Henderson field battle between the Japanese forces and the United States of America, and during this war America sought to defend Honiara and protect it from aggression. Development, and prosperity in the city’s landmarks with its fall under British protection in the year one thousand nine hundred and fifty-two, and it continued on that until the country gained its independence in the year one thousand nine hundred and seventy-eight, as it was appointed at that time Wen capital of the Solomon Islands, knowing that political tensions after the mid-nineties led to the decline in the economic position, and tourism to Honiara.

The most important landmarks of the city of Honiara

The city of Honiara includes many landmarks and wonderful tourist places, and the following is a reminder of the most important:

  • Central Market: It is a vital food market, as it is considered the main food market in the country.
  • Anniversary of the American War: It is a complex of many marble slabs that express the battles of the Guadalcanal campaign.
  • the National Museum: It is a small museum containing relics, weapons, coins, decorations, and more.
  • The White River Village: It is a beautiful village that includes natural scenery, wooden stalls, and others.


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